CE-Accredited Client Loyalty Course Available

The needs and expectations of today’s pet owners are changing. Gaining a better understanding of what clients think and why they think the way they do can help veterinary hospitals inspire trust and create lifelong clients. Diggo has partnered with Ignite, a global veterinary learning community, to develop a CE-accredited course for veterinarians who are interested in learning more about building and maintaining a loyal client base.

The Secret to Client Loyalty in the Veterinary Practice course offers valuable insights and tips for veterinary practice managers, practice owners, veterinarians, associate veterinarians, CSRs and veterinary technicians. This client loyalty course is RACE-approved for three hours of continuing education credit and costs only $249.

What You’ll Learn

Pet owners define some concepts differently than veterinarians. You may actually have more loyal clients than you perceive. Or you may underestimate the value pet owners see in you. Understanding what pet owners perceive to be the truth can help you embrace the positive and adapt to better meet their needs.

Featured course topics include:

  • Identifying the differences between how veterinarians and pet owners define and perceive loyalty
  • Understanding what drives pet owner loyalty
  • Defining how veterinarians can build trust and capitalize on pet owner loyalty

This self-paced course is estimated to take three hours and can be accessed online, from work or home, at any time. You can start and stop as you please and use any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. We recommend taking notes on possible areas of improvement and talking to your staff about what they perceive is being done well versus what isn’t working. This approach will allow you and your team to create a plan for your hospital moving forward.

To sign up, visit our CE page.