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“I think it’s a great concept and can be a tremendous value for practitioners. As veterinarians, we are often nearsighted, believing and acting on things that we’ve always thought to be true. Reading Diggo is like putting on a new pair of glasses and seeing things in a whole different perspective. I like that you also simplify the Actions to make it easy for practitioners to implement the concepts.”

Edition 2.1

Walmart: Data shows veterinarians underestimate the threat.

With Walmart now offering veterinary services, it’s important to quantify the risk to your practice,
identify Early Adopters and implement loyalty-boosting strategies.

Walmart Veterinarian Clinics

Only 12% of veterinarians think pet owners would consider Walmart for wellness exams but 44% of pet owners say they would.

What can you do to limit your risk?

Quality matters

71% of pet owners expect the quality of care from Walmart clinics to be the same or higher than their private practice.

Is it really not all about price?


25% of pet owners are likely to be Early Adopters of Walmart clinics.

How can you recognize and reach them?

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