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Maximizing Online Veterinary Pharmacy Traffic and Sales

Selling pet health products is complicated in today’s veterinary environment. No longer are veterinarians simply expected to keep a stock of common medications on hand. Pet owners want more product options from you—and they want to be able to order them through your online pharmacy.

Pet Owner Views During Social Distancing

Trone Research + Consulting fielded a quick study in late March to get a pulse on how pet owners feel about veterinary pet care during COVID-19. Topics include their current intentions, thoughts about financial impact, quality of life and fear of the coronavirus crisis.

Recognizing and Understanding the Early Adopters of Walmart Veterinary Services

Walmart has begun expanding their business into veterinary care and expects to have 100 locations open across 23 states by June of 2020. For pet owners, that means the ultimate in convenience—one location offering everything from cat litter and dog beds to vaccines and wellness exams. For private practice veterinarians, that means trouble. But how do you know which clients are most likely to test out Walmart veterinary services first?

Pet Owners Surprising Veterinarians Through Diggo Survey Data

Less than 40% of veterinarians are confident about how well they understand what pet owners think.1 After all, today’s pet owners are a different breed. The things veterinarians once knew to be true often apply to a much smaller segment of clients. Using the same tactics to reach and retain evolving pet owners is a futile effort that is leaving many veterinarians perplexed and scrambling to make up lost revenue. Diggo performs proprietary studies specifically for veterinarians—to educate them about changing pet owners needs and provide usable insights into how to better serve them—so there are less surprises in the future. Read the full story »